Managing Your Media Library

The contents of the Windows Media Player library are drawn directly from the corresponding libraries that are part of your user profiles. Thus, adding an item to the library is as simple as copying it to a folder within the corresponding library. If you click the Organize menu, you'll find a Manage Libraries menu with four choices on it: Music, Videos, Pictures, and Record TV. Choosing any of these options takes you to the exact same dialog box you use to manage libraries in Windows Explorer.

For more details about how to select which folders are part of a library, see "Working with Libraries" on page 282.

Windows Media Player includes the option to assign ratings to every item in your media library. For music and picture files, this capability unlocks several features in Windows Media Center, specifically the capability to "play favorites ." Giving 4 or 5 stars to your favorite tunes and photos makes it easy to create playlists and slide shows guaranteed to contain only items you're certain to enjoy.

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