Managing Sharing and Subscribing to Calendars

The Windows Live Calendar service (choose More, Calendar on the main Windows Live menu to get there) provides web access to the calendars you create in Windows Live Mail. It also adds a few features not available in Windows Live Mail. In the web service, you can click To-Do List in the array of view options (alongside Day, Week, Month, and Agenda) to enter and view tasks:

New • Subscribe Share1 WS





To-do list

Past due (l)


[| Finish chapter 7

! Fri 6/12/2009

And you can click Subscribe to subscribe to a public calendar or import a calendar stored in .ics format. If you subscribe to a publicly published calendar, the calendar is updated in your Windows Live calendar whenever the publisher makes a change to it. If you import an .ics file, the resulting calendar is static; you can import it again if you think the calendar has changed.

To share a calendar, click Share and then choose from the drop-down list the calendar that you want to share. The screens that follow walk you through the selection of people with whom to share and the assignment of read-only or full-control permissions .


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