Managing Favorites and the Favorites

Internet Explorer maintains a repository of shortcuts to your favorite websites in the Favorites folder within your user profile. Any time you discover a site that you know you'll want to return to, you can add a shortcut to that site to the Favorites folder. To return to a favorite site, select it from the Favorites menu, from the Favorites Center, or from the Favorites submenu of your Start menu (if you set your Start menu to display Favorites).

The current version of the browser also includes a toolbar called the Favorites bar. Veterans of earlier versions will recognize this as a renamed Links bar. Its purpose is to make particular favorites particularly accessible . You might want to take advantage of this if your Favorites folder is voluminous but there are a handful of favorite sites that you visit more often than the rest. As we'll see, the Favorites bar can also house RSS feeds and web slices.

To display your saved favorites in the Favorites Center, click the Favorites icon . That's the one with the gold star and the text Favorites. (If you've configured your toolbars to show icons only, just look for the gold star.) By default, the Favorites icon resides just to the left of the Favorites bar or (if the Favorites bar is not displayed) just to the left of your browser tabs. Pressing Ctrl + Shift+I or Alt+A will also open the Favorites Center.

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