Laplink Everywhere, 650 Laplink Gold, 650

Last Known Good Configuration, 844-845

least privilege rule, 531-532

libraries actual file locations in Windows Explorer, 287

advantages of, 283

Arrange By options, 287

backup, custom made for, 382

backups of, 382

creating, 284

data files, separating from system files with, 363-365

default libraries, 11

definition of, 10-11, 282

folders eligible for inclusion in, 285-286

indexing automatic for folders in, 309-311

indexing requirements, 285-286

layouts in Windows Media Center, 476-478

Libraries folder, 277

managing in Windows Media Player 12, 434

media collections, advantages for, 283

populating, 284-286

projects, advantages for, 283

scenarios for using, 283

search technique for, 328

settings, storage of, 286

libraries, continued shared, Windows Media Center access to, 482 sharing in homegroups, 618-620 sharing options in Windows Media Player, 444-446 Windows Explorer management of, 282-287 Windows Media Center setup options, 466 Windows Media Player 12, in navigation pane, 419-420 workgroups, advantages for, 283 licensing, Volume Licensing activation, 59 limited accounts. See standard user accounts Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) protocol,

669-672, 692 Links folder, 276 Links toolbar, 112, 203 Linux multiboot systems with, 50 Remote Desktop client program for, 650 List Folder Contents permission, 547 Live Desktop, 356-360 Live Mesh accessing from another computer, 360 adding devices to, 357 capabilities of, 356 enabling, 356-357

folders, adding to Live Desktop, 357-359 Live Desktop feature, 356-359 peer-to-peer synchronization feature, 356 settings for, 359 Live Messenger, Windows. See Windows Live Messenger LLTD (Link Layer Topology Discovery) protocol,

669-672, 692 Load value listed programs, 173 Local folder, 277 local groups, 552 Local Intranet zone adding sites to, 225

Compatibility View default for web pages in, 195 default assignments to, 224 definition of, 222

Medium-Low level default setting, 223 options for, 225 Local Security Policy console setting rights, from, 548 UAC customization with, 539 local user accounts, 552 local user profiles, 274. See also user profiles Local Users And Groups snap-in, 563 LOCALAPPDATA environment variable, 969 LocalLow folder, 277 Location Aware Printing, 625 locking the system, 576 logging off, 575

LogMeIn, 650

Logon scripts, startup programs opened by, 174 logons automatic, 573-575

bypassing, 573-575

Ctrl+Alt+Del method, 569-571

customizing screens for, 571-573

domain vs standalone, 569-570

last users, hiding, 571

passwords for See passwords text size settings for logon screens, 572-573

time restrictions for, 562

touch keyboard options, 938

lossy compression, 428-429

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