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Make the most of Disk Cleanup shortcuts and tasks

Disk Cleanup shortcuts can be tremendously useful for routine maintenance. For instance, you might want to create a shortcut for Cleanmgr.exe with a saved group of settings that automatically empties the Temporary Internet Files folder and Recycle Bin and another that purges installation files and system dump files . If you create a shortcut that empties the Recycle Bin, it's best not to add it to your list of Scheduled Tasks, where it can inadvertently toss files you later discover you wanted to recover; instead, save this shortcut and run it as needed .


Using Advanced System Management Tools

Viewing System Information 763

Finding and Decoding Information in System

Information 766

Using Microsoft Management Console 768

Using the Windows 7 Task Scheduler 779

Managing Services 790

Editing the Registry 798

In this chapter, we look at a handful of programs and management consoles that will help you attain greater mastery over Windows . We'll start with tools for unearthing details about your system—its hardware, software environment, running programs and services, and so on . Because the Task Scheduler and Services utilities described later in the chapter (as well as a good many other management tools not covered here) are hosted by Microsoft Management Console, we'll precede their discussion with a consideration of MMC We'll conclude with a guide to editing the registry.

What's in Your Edition?

The programs described in this chapter work the same way in all editions of Windows 7 .

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