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Use Turbo Scroll for long moves

In any gallery view, you can press and hold the left or right arrow buttons to move through the gallery in either direction. If you keep either button held down for approximately two seconds, navigation shifts into Turbo Scroll mode. In lists of albums, covers appear as milestones as you whiz through the list, with alphabetical hints beneath the gallery to tell you where you are. In folders filled with photos, the display tells you where you are numerically speaking. Turbo Scroll also works in TV listings. To adjust the settings, you'll have to roll up your sleeves and edit a setting in the registry, specifically HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Settings\Turbo-Scroll. Find the DWORD value GuideDelay (if it doesn't exist, create it), and set it to the interval you want, in milliseconds. Entering a value of 3000 would delay TurboScroll until approximately three seconds after you begin scrolling .

In the Music library, you can add search results, individual songs, or entire albums to the current queue. If you choose Play All, the current album replaces the contents of the current Now Playing list. Choose Add To Now Playing if you want the current album to be added to the end of the Now Playing list. Similar options are also available from the Details window for an album or song

In the Picture library, the most interesting feature is the ability to build slide shows quickly using only the remote control. Start by opening the Picture library, choose Slide Shows from the options above the gallery, and then choose Create Slide Show. Follow the steps to browse by folder, tag, or date, and use the OK button to fill in the check box on pictures you want to add to the slide show list, as shown in Figure 14-5 .

Choose Pictures

+ select all x clear all


Mackie and Lucy

4 pictures, 0 minutes selected



525 I 526

Next Cancel

Figure 14-5 Use the OK button to add photos in the current view to a custom slide show.

Repeat this process as many times as necessary, going to different folders or selecting different tags to find all the pictures you want in your slide show. When you're finished, choose the Next button, rearrange the order of pictures if necessary, and save the results . The playlist appears in the Picture library, available when you select the Slide Shows pivot.

The Movie library contains cover art and details for DVDs and for recorded TV programs that are categorized as movies . If you have a collection of movies that you have ripped into digital file formats using widely available DVD backup tools, you can add them to the library as well. Just use the Media Library tools on the Settings menu to specify at least one folder where your ripped DVDs are located.

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