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More Info = right-click

Throughout Windows, years of experience have probably taught you to right-click whenever you need additional options . In Media Center, the remote control equivalent of a right-click is a press of the More Info button, which inevitably leads to a useful context menu. Select a song in the Now Playing queue and the choices allow you to change its rating, burn the track to a CD, or see additional albums or tracks by that artist. Click More Info when a picture is selected and the top choice is Picture Details, which leads to a Details window where you can rotate the picture, crop it, or remove red eye, among other actions.

In this case, you have four details panes to choose from . In the Actions pane, shown in Figure 14-3, Play is selected by default, but you can use the up and down arrows to choose a different option, such as burning a copy of the program to a CD or DVD. Use the left and right arrows to switch between panes . In this example, the Other Showings pane is to the right. You'll need to scroll in either direction to ascertain that the other panes are Synopsis and Cast + Crew.

Pressing the More Info button when a video or recorded TV program is playing brings up a multipane menu along the bottom of the screen . Use the left and right arrow buttons to move from pane to pane and see which options are available .

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