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Use Ctrl+click to cycle through windows

If you're not using Aero, you don't get thumbnail previews and you can't use Aero Peek to view full-size windows or tabs before you switch to them. However, if you hold down the Ctrl key while you click a taskbar button that represents a group of windows, you'll see each window in turn . Release the Ctrl key when you see the one you want.


Use shortcut keys for taskbar buttons

The first 10 taskbar buttons are accessible by keyboard as well as mouse. Press Windows logo key+1 for the first, Windows logo key+2 for the second, and so on (using 0 for the tenth) . Using one of these shortcuts is equivalent to clicking the corresponding taskbar button: if its program isn't running, it starts; if it has a single open window, you switch to that window; if it has multiple open windows, Windows displays previews of all windows and a "peek" view of the first window.

Note that you can move taskbar buttons, which therefore determines the key number that opens a particular icon . To move a taskbar button, simply drag it to the desired location

Another useful shortcut key is Windows logo key+T, which brings focus to the first item on the taskbar, as indicated by a faint glow at the bottom of that taskbar button. At that point, you can repeatedly press Windows logo key+T, Shift+Windows logo key+T, or the arrow keys to select other taskbar buttons . When a taskbar button is selected, you can press Spacebar to "click" the button, press the Menu key to display its Jump List, or press Shift+F10 to display its context menu .

As you use Windows 7, you'll notice other enhancements to the taskbar. Some taskbar previews do more than simply show a thumbnail image of the window; for example, the preview for Windows Media Player includes basic player controls (previous, pause/play, and next). And with some taskbar buttons, you don't even need to display a preview to know what's going on with the program; windows or dialog boxes that show a progress bar, for example, indicate their progress with a colored background in the taskbar button itself.

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