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Open Windows Firewall With Advanced Security directly

You don't need to open Windows Firewall to get to Windows Firewall With Advanced Security. In the Start menu search box, type wf.msc and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to run it as an administrator.

If you're not intimidated by the Windows Firewall With Advanced Security console, you might want to try the command-line interface for managing Windows Firewall. Because it can be scripted, it can be useful if you need to make firewall settings repeatedly, whether on a single computer as conditions change or on a fleet of computers. To use the command-line interface, you use the Netsh command with the Advfirewall context. You can get some terse help by typing netsh advfirewall in a Command Prompt window. For additional information about Netsh commands for Windows Firewall, see the Microsoft TechNet reference at

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