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Let Media Center start itself

If you have set up a Windows-based PC whose primary function is to run Media Center, why stop at the Windows desktop every time you restart? From the Tasks strip, choose Settings, then General, and then Startup And Window Behavior. Select the Start Windows Media Center When Windows Starts option, as we have done here. The Always Keep Windows Media Center On Top option makes certain that the taskbar doesn't block access to Media Center functions, as it can.


Always keep Windows Media Center on top

Show a warning before displaying Web v pages that are not designed for Windows Media Center

E Start Windows Media Center when Windows starts

Show taskbar notifications

To suppress the Minimize, Restore, and Close buttons in the top right corner of the Media Center display in full-screen mode, select the Media Only option at the far right of the Tasks strip

If your user account is the only one on the system and has no password, you'll go straight to the Media Center Start page each time you power up your PC Running with a password-free account creates problems when you need to access password-protected resources on a server, however, and it prevents you from logging on remotely using Remote Desktop tools . To start automatically with a password-protected account, open the Run dialog box (press Windows logo key+R), type control userpasswords2, and press Enter. On the Users tab of the Advanced User Accounts dialog box, clear the Users Must Enter A User Name And Password To Use This Computer check box. Click OK or Apply, and enter the user name and password when prompted. This option bypasses the Log On screen and automatically logs on using the specified account each time you start the computer. For security's sake, we recommend that you create a dedicated account for Media Center use and control which shared resources are available for access by that account.

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