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Add your own album art

What do you do if the Windows Media database doesn't have an album cover for your album? If you can find the correct album art anywhere online, you can add it to the library with just a couple of clicks. Start by locating the album art (ideally, at a size that is at least 200 pixels square) at your favorite online music store or fan site. In the browser window, right-click the cover image and copy it to the Clipboard . Now return to the Player, right-click the generic album cover image on the Library tab, and click Paste Album Art. (This menu choice is available only if a suitable image is on the Windows Clipboard .) This saves the copied image as a pair of hidden JPEG files in the folder for that album and also caches copies of the JPEG file for individual tracks.

Regardless of the source of your music files, errors and inconsistencies are bound to creep in to your library. Simple misspellings of track names are probably the most common error, but other problems can occur, too. Variations in the spelling or styling of an artist's name can result in that artist's work being filed in two different places.

You can edit any of the incorrect information directly. You can do this on the Audio CD page (if you're tackling this task before ripping a CD) or from the Player Library view (if you've already added the tracks). Right-click the Album, Album Artist, Genre, or Release Date fields under the Album heading and click Edit to change these details for all tracks . Right-click the Title, Contributing Artist, or Composer fields in the track list and choose Edit (or select the track name and press F2) to edit these details for individual tracks .

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