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The fastest way to delete a recording

From Recorded TV, you can delete any program with no intermediate steps and only a single confirmation. Select the entry in the list, and push the Clear button (usually found below the numeric keypad, in the lower left corner of the remote control). This brings up an "Are you sure?" dialog box with Yes conveniently selected . Press OK and the program is gone. And when we say "gone," we mean it. Recordings you delete from Media Center do not go to the Recycle Bin and cannot be recovered using any supported tools in Windows or Media Center.

Sooner or later—usually sooner—you'll run out of disk space, at which point Media Center begins throwing out old recordings to make way for new ones . You can check on available disk space at any time: start by choosing Settings from the Tasks strip on the Start menu, then choose TV, then Recorder, and finally Recorder Storage. If you want to make sure that you reserve some space on your primary disk for documents and other data files, adjust Maximum TV Limit.


Record on drive:

Cancel Maximum TV limit:

Recording quality: Best

Total recording time:

362 hours (149 Vz hours HD)

Recorded TV

Other Content Live TV Pause Buffer

1397 GB

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