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Where are library settings stored?

Libraries are per-user settings and are not shared among user accounts on a Windows 7 PC. Each library in your collection is defined by an XML settings file (with the file name extension .library-ms) and is saved automatically in a hidden subfolder within your user profile (%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Libraries). You should never need to edit the files stored here directly. Any changes you make to the contents or arrangement of a folder are saved here automatically, and the corresponding XML file is deleted when you delete a library from within Windows Explorer.

Clients and Projects Properties

Library | Library locations:

J , i Clients [C:\Users\Ed Bott\My Documents) |_ . Projects [C:\Users\Ed BottVMy Documents) |

| Set save location | | Include a Polder... | | Remove |

Optimize this library for: | General Items_

Size of files in library: 0 bytes

Attributes: V] shown in navigation pane

[7] shared

I Restore Defaults |

OK | Cancel Apply

Figure 8-8 All customization options for a library are available in this dialog box.

The Arrange By list at the right of the library pane allows you to change the way the contents of the library are displayed. By default, each library initially shows its contents arranged by folder, with each folder listed in alphabetical order, with a subheading and a separate file list for each one. From the Arrange By list, you can choose a different option, which applies the selected sorting or grouping to the aggregated folder contents. The exact choices available for each library are determined by its properties; look at the selection in the Optimize This Library For box in the properties dialog box. For the default Music library, for example, you can choose Album or Artist to combine all tracks from all locations into a single list grouped by the field you chose .

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