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Move the title bar

If the title bar covers a part of the screen that you need to see, you can move it instead of hiding it altogether with the pushpin button. Simply slide it left or right.

You might prefer to use less than your full screen resolution for the remote desktop . (This option is especially useful if you have a large monitor and the work you want with Remote Desktop is just another task among several.) You must set the resolution—along with a number of other options—before you connect to the remote computer. After you start Remote Desktop Connection, click the Options button (shown in Figure 18-11) to expand the dialog box. Then click the Display tab, which is shown in Figure 18-12 . You can set the screen resolution to any size that is supported on the client hardware, from 640 by 480 up to the current resolution of the client computer (not the remote computer) . Set it to full screen by moving the slider all the way to the right.

Remote Desktop Connection


JL Remote Desktop


General | Display | Local ResourcesTPrograms Experience | Advanced] Display configuration

General | Display | Local ResourcesTPrograms Experience | Advanced] Display configuration

li Choose the size of your remote desktop. Drag the slider all the way to the right to use the full screen.


Full Screen

HU Use all my monitors for the remote session

Choose the color depth of the remote session. [Highest Quality (32 bit) ▼]

[V] Display the connection bar when I use the full screen



Figure 18-12 Screen resolution is determined by the client computer.

If you have a multimonitor setup at your local computer, you might be excited to learn that Remote Desktop allows the use of multiple monitors . To configure the connection for use with more than one monitor, select Use All My Monitors For The Remote Session .

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