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Press F11 for full-screen display

To make the most efficient use of the browser window, press F11 . This action puts Internet Explorer into a full-screen mode, in which only the Status bar is normally visible. While working in full-screen mode, you can move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen to display the address bar, search box, tabs row, and Command bar. If you click in the search box or address bar, these interface elements remain visible while you type. As soon as you move the mouse pointer away or click in the page itself, they slide away again. In full-screen mode, Internet Explorer is maximized, even if it was previously not maximized, and the Windows taskbar is covered. You can still display the taskbar by pressing the Windows logo key, and you can return Internet Explorer to its normal display style by pressing F11 a second time.

To make more efficient use of space, you can put two or more toolbars on a single line . If all buttons or menu choices on a toolbar don't fit in the space allotted to them, Internet Explorer displays a chevron to indicate that additional options are available. Click the chevron to display the remaining choices in a drop-down list.

To change the contents of the Command bar, select Tools, Toolbars, Customize to display the dialog box shown in Figure 6-13. To add a button, select it from the Available Toolbar Buttons list and click Add; to remove a currently visible button, select its entry in the Current Toolbar Buttons list and click Remove . Select any button and click Move Up or Move Down to change the button's order in the list. This option allows you to move the buttons you use most often to the left, where they're most likely to be visible even if a portion of the toolbar is truncated.

Customize Toolbar

Available toolbar buttons:

Customize Toolbar

Available toolbar buttons:


^Text Size

a^Encoding /EJt ¡If Cut GjLCopy


□ Paste

[r^lFull Screen




Current toolbar buttons:



HFeeds J] Read Hail









< |


Move Up

Figure 6-13 Other applications can add their own tools to the Command bar. You can add and remove such application-specific buttons exactly as you would add or remove one of the built-in buttons

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