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Future-proof your backup settings

When you're setting up a new general-purpose backup routine, we recommend that you leave the first option, Back Up Data For Newly Created Users, intact. Its purpose is to make sure that your backups will include libraries and data files for any new user accounts you create in the future . If you clear this check box, only the data files and locations you specify when you create your backup settings will be backed up. So when should you clear this box? If you've set up a regular backup routine specifically intended to back up only a single user's data files and some custom locations, you might want to avoid the prospect of having unwanted locations added to your backup sets later.

The final option in the What Do You Want To Back Up dialog box is an option to include a system image with your backup . You can save a system image automatically with each backup or use the techniques we describe later in this chapter to create a system image on demand

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