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Find a classical music database

The Windows Metadata Internet Service uses information from a variety of suppliers, including Allmusic (previously known as AMG) and Muze (for UK titles). As of June 2009, the ever-growing allmusic .com database included more than 1 .7 million albums and more than 15 .1 million tracks. (You can find the latest statistics at The service is heavily skewed in favor of pop and rock titles and has much less information about classical music CDs . If you want to copy a classical collection to your hard disk, your best bet is to find a third-party CD player that uses an alternative internet service called the Gracenote Media Recognition Service (formerly CDDB). The Grace-note Media Database of classical discs is extensive, and after you have ripped your discs using the other product, you can save the resulting files in a folder monitored by Windows Media Player to add them to your library. For more information, visit and search in the Powered By Gracenote section.

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