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Microsoft Fix it provides another self-repair option

Using technology similar to the troubleshooting packs in Windows 7, Microsoft Fix it provides online configuration settings and solutions to a variety of problems . You can see a simple example in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 299357 (w7io.com/299357), in which clicking the Microsoft Fix It button performs the steps necessary to reset your computer's TCP/IP connection. You can learn more about Microsoft Fix it in the team blog at w7io.com/2302.

Si j H Windows Network Diagnostics Details

Troubleshooting report

Windows Network Diagnostics




Issues found

Wireless capability is turned off Turn on wireless capability

Detected Completed


A network cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken Plug an Ethernet cable into this computer

Detected Not run


This computer was manually disconnected from "MR Net" Reconnect to "MR Net"




Issues found

Detection details

I Close j

Figure 23-6 Each bit of light blue text in the troubleshooting report is a link to more detailed information. Black arrows (not shown here) expand the amount of information shown when clicked.

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