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Dedicate a partition for CD or DVD burning

The best way to avoid disk fragmentation is to start with a completely clean slate. If you routinely work with CD images, for instance, consider creating a separate partition that's big enough to temporarily hold the files you're working with. A 2-GB partition, for instance, is big enough to hold a CD image and all temporary files associated with it. (You'll need roughly 10 GB for a DVD-burning partition.) Keep that drive empty except when you plan to create a CD, at which time you can copy files to it for burning . Using this strategy, you can be certain that fragmentation won't have a deleterious impact on your CD-burning performance.

Disk Défragmenter: Select Disks For Schedule

Select the checkbox for each disk you want to defragmented on a schedule. )isks to include in schedule:

0 (Select all disks)



0oMtilii (f:)

v Automatically defragment new disks

OK | Cancel

Figure 21-7 Selecting Automatically Defragment New Disks causes Disk Defragmenter to include any hard disks you add to your system in its routine.

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