Fine Tune System Protection Options

The System Protection feature is one that you probably won't appreciate until you have to use it, at which point you'll be very, very grateful to the anonymous programmer who dreamed it up . System Protection takes periodic snapshots of system files and configuration details, allowing you to run the System Restore utility to undo changes and roll back a system configuration to a time when it was known to work correctly. In Windows 7, those volume snapshots also include real-time backups of individual data files, allowing you to recover from unwanted edits or unexpected deletions by restoring a previous version of a deleted or changed file .

Those backed-up files and settings come at a cost in disk space, however. On a system where available storage is in short supply, you might want to reduce the amount of disk space set aside for System Protection . Figure 2-14 shows the settings dialog box for a system volume approximately 140 GB in size. You can move the Max Usage slider to adjust disk space usage or use the options at the top to disable all or part of the System Protection feature on this drive.

For more details on how to choose the right settings for System Protection, see "Configuring System Protection Options" on page 393.

Figure 2-14 Use these settings to restrict the amount of space that Windows 7 uses for System Restore snapshots and previous versions of files.

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