Exporting System Information

Using System Information, you can preserve your configuration information—which is always helpful when reconstructing a system—in several ways:

• Save the information as an .nfo file. You can subsequently open the file (on the same computer or on a different computer with System Information) to view your saved information . To save information in this format, choose File, Save. Saving this way always saves the entire collection of information .

• Save all or part of the information as a plain text file. To save information as a text file, select the category of interest and choose File, Export. To save all the information as a text file, select System Summary before you save.

• You can print all or part of the information . Select the category of interest; choose File, Print; and be sure that Selection is selected under Page Range. To print everything, select All under Page Range—and be sure to have lots of paper on hand. Depending on your system configuration and the number of installed applications, your report could top 100 pages .

Regardless of how you save your information, System Information refreshes (updates) the information immediately before processing the command.


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