Determining the Name of a Service

As you view the properties dialog box for different services, you might notice that the service name (shown at the top of the General tab) is often different from the name that

appears in the Services console (the display name) and that neither name matches the name of the service's executable file . (In fact, the executable for many services is either Services, exe or Svchost. exe .) The General tab (shown in Figure 22-14 on page 793) shows all three names

So how does this affect you? When you work in the Services console, you don't need to know anything other than a service's display name to find it and work with it. But if you use the Net command to start and stop services, you might find using the actual service name more convenient; it is often much shorter than the display name. You'll also need the service name if you're ever forced to work with a service's registry entries, which can be found in the HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\service subkey (where service is the service name)

And what about the executable name? You might need it if certain users have problems running a service; in such a case, you need to find the executable and check its permissions . Knowing the executable name can also be useful, for example, if you're using Windows Task Manager to determine why your computer seems to be running slowly. Although the Processes tab and the Services tab show the display name (under the Description heading), because of the window size it's sometimes easier to find the more succinct executable name.

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