Deleting an Account

You can delete any account except one that is currently logged on . To delete an account, open User Accounts, click Manage Another Account, and click the name of the account you want to delete. Then click Delete The Account. User Accounts gives you a choice, shown in Figure 16-4, about what to do with the account's files:

• Delete Files After you select Delete Files and confirm your intention in the next window, Windows deletes the account, its user profile, and all files associated with the account, including those in its Contacts, Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Favorites, Links, Music, Pictures, Saved Games, Searches, and Videos folders .

• Keep Files Windows copies certain parts of the user's profile—specifically, files and folders stored on the desktop and in the Documents, Favorites, Music, Pictures, and Videos folders—to a folder on your desktop, where they become part of your profile and remain under your control. The rest of the user profile, such as e-mail messages and other data stored in the AppData folder; files stored in the Contacts, Downloads, Saved Games, and Searches folders; and settings stored in the registry will be deleted after you confirm your intention in the next window that appears.

» . - J « Manage Accounts ► Delete Account ▼ | ||| Search Control Panel fi |

Do you want to keep Kelly's files?

Before you delete Kelly's account Windows can automatically save the contents of Kelly's desktop and Documents, Favorites, Music, Pictures and Videos folders to a new folder called 'Kelly' on your desktop. However, Windows cannot save Kelly's e-mail messages and other settings.

Delete Files J [ Keep Files ] [ Cancel ]

Figure 16-4 Select Keep Files to avoid losing files in the account's Documents and other folders.

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