Customizing Sync Settings

To adjust device-specific settings after the initial setup, the device must be connected Right-click the device in the navigation pane and then click Properties . This opens a dialog box like the one shown in Figure 13-9, where you can change the device's name without having to go through initial setup again . For generic flash-memory devices and portable players that support this feature, you can also limit the amount of space that Windows Media Player uses; this option allows you to reserve space on the device if you also use it to store programs or data files that you carry on the road

Figure 13-9 Some of these synchronization options are unavailable when the hardware doesn't support changes to those features

When transferring music, videos, and recorded TV shows to a portable device that has limited storage space, you might want to adjust options on the Quality tab of its Properties dialog box. Under the Music and Videos And TV Shows headings, choose Select Maximum Quality Level and then use the slider to adjust the bit rate you want to use for all items in that category. With these settings enabled, files stored in your library are converted before being copied from the PC to the device.

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