Creating Custom Search Providers

If a site isn't listed at Microsoft's index of search providers, you can still add it to your list of search providers. If the site owner has added the correct XML code to make the site aware of the search box in Internet Explorer 8, you'll see an orange glow on the down arrow next to the search box. When you click the down arrow, you'll see two additional items: a new menu item (identified by an orange star to its left) and a fly-out Add Search Providers menu option

If you want to search just the current site, type a search term and click the temporary menu option for that site . When you navigate away from the site, both menu items disappear. If you want the custom search option to be available any time, click Add Search Providers, click the provider name, and click OK in the Add Search Provider dialog box.

If the site owner hasn't made this easy option available, you can still add the site to the list of available search providers. Find the site search box and type the term TEST (in all capital letters). Copy the URL for the search results page to the Clipboard. Next, click Find More Providers on the Search menu, click Create Your Own Search Provider (at the bottom of the Search Providers page), paste the URL into the form, specify a name for the menu item, and click Install Search Provider.

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