Creating a News Account

Creating a newsgroup account is similar to creating a mail account, except that you provide the address of a Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) server instead of mail servers. Click the Newsgroups icon in the lower left corner of the Windows Live Mail Window, and then click Add A Newsgroup Account; a wizard then leads the way. On the first two pages, provide your display name (the name that other newsgroup users will see when you post or reply to messages) and your return e-mail address . On the third page, supply the server details. If your news server does not require you to log on (many do not), leave the My News Server Requires Me To Log On option unselected. Most internet service providers maintain an NNTP server for use by their subscribers . If you're setting up access to a private news server or if you subscribe to a commercial news server—that is, a news server that does require a logon—select this option, and then supply logon details on the ensuing page

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