Creating a Homegroup

Windows 7 offers to create a homegroup when you install Windows and when you connect to a network that you identify as a home network . (That is, you select Home Network as the network location .) If you decided to forego those opportunities, you can set up Home-Group at any later time; in the Start menu or Control Panel search box, type homegroup and click HomeGroup

If no homegroup exists on your network, a dialog box opens to inform you of that fact. Click Create A Homegroup to open the wizard shown in Figure 17-6 .

i^1' Create a Horn eg roup

Share with other home computers running Windows 7

Your computer can share files and printers with other computers running Windows 7, and you can stream media to devices using a homegroup. The homegroup is protected with a password, and you'll always be able to choose what you share with the group.

Tell me more about homegroups Select what you want to share: [7] Pictures

[7] Videos

O Documents

Figure 17-6 You can safely leave the default selections in place; you can change them at any time.

Click Next, and the wizard generates a password for your homegroup, as shown in Figure 17-7 . (Behind the scenes, the wizard also sets up the requisite user accounts and security groups, services, firewall rules, and shares.) Click Finish, and you're done .

Use this password to add other computers to your homegroup

Before you can access files and printers located on other computers, add those computers to your homegroup. You'll need the following password.

Write down this password:


Print password and instructions

If you ever forget your homegroup password, you can view or change it by opening HomeGroup in Control Panel.

How can other computers join my homegroup?

Figure 17-7 You'll need the password to join other computers to the homegroup .

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