Configuring Parental Controls

To begin using Parental Controls, open it in Control Panel. (It's in the User Accounts And Family Safety category.) After consenting to the User Account Control prompt (or entering an administrator password if you're logged on as a standard user), you'll see a window like the one shown in Figure 16-9.

Figure 16-9 If any of your administrator accounts is not password-protected, Windows displays a prominent warning—and a link to correct the problem—in this window.

To set restrictions for a child, click the child's account name and then click On, Enforce Current Settings, as shown in Figure 16-10.

■Settings from other providers can supplement (or replace) the controls included with Windows

Figure 16-10 Using a window like this one, you can set different restrictions for each child.

Restricting Logon Hours

To control the times at which your child can use the computer, in the User Controls window (shown in Figure 16-10), click Time Limits . You can then specify, for each day of the week, which hours are allowed and which are blocked.

Parental Controls ► User Controls ► Time Restrictions t | ïf | | Search Contai Panel fi |

Control when Kelly will use the computer

Click and drag the hours you want to block or allow.

12 123456789 10 11 12 123456789 10 11 12




Wednesday I




Thereafter, if your child tries to log on outside of the allowable times, a simple message appears: "Your account has time restrictions that prevent you from logging on at this time. Please try again later."

While a child with a restricted account is logged on, as the end of the allowable time approaches, a message pops up from the taskbar. If your child is still logged on when the blocked time arrives, he or she is unceremoniously logged off. Note, however, that this logoff is akin to switching users; open windows and running applications remain open, and no work is lost. When your child logs on again during an allowable time, everything is just as it was before being logged off.

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