Configuring a Router or Wireless Access Point

You begin setting up your wireless network by configuring the wireless access point (or a router that includes a wireless access point), which is the hub of your Wi-Fi network The process is simple if you use a device that supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS); most routers sold since 2008 do, although it's not always clear from the product literature. Older routers and other noncompliant devices offer a variety of third-party solutions or ask you to perform configuration manually. (If you're not sure whether your router supports WPS, try the following steps . If this method doesn't work, check the instructions that came with your router.)

You can set up a Wi-Fi Protected Setup-compliant router or access point using either a wired or wireless connection . To configure a wireless access point or router that supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup, follow these steps:

1. Open Network And Sharing Center. (Click the Network icon in the notification area, and then click Open Network And Sharing Center.) Click Set Up A New Connection Or Network .

2. In the Set Up A Connection Or Network wizard, select Set Up A New Network and click Next. Wait for the wizard to find the unconfigured router or access point. When it appears, as shown below, select it and click Next.

jjgjl Set Upa Network

Choose the wireless router or access point you want to configure

It might take up to 90 seconds for unconfigured devices on your network to appear.

^^ Xtreme N GIGABIT Router troubleshooting

The router doesn't appear in the Set Up A Network wizard

If, after waiting for a minute or two, the router you want to set up does not appear in the wizard, either it is already configured or it does not support Wi-Fi Protected Setup .

You can reset a configured router by following the manufacturer's instructions (in many cases, you use a paper clip to press a recessed reset button). Be aware that doing so removes all configuration data from the router. If it's already configured, you might be better off skipping this procedure altogether and connecting your devices to the router, as explained in the next section, "Connecting to a Wireless Network" on page 603.

For routers that do not support WPS, check the instructions that came with the router for information about configuring wireless settings .


Bypass Network And Sharing Center

With a computer that has a Wi-Fi adapter, you can go directly to the Set Up A Network wizard without going through Network And Sharing Center. If Windows detects a wireless network and you're not currently connected to one, the Network icon in the notification area shows an orange glow. Click the icon, and you'll see a connection for your new router—usually with the name of the router's manufacturer. Click the connection, click the Connect button, and Windows displays the message shown below.

^ Connect to a Network

Do you want to set up your network?

This is a new routerthat has not been set up. Click OKto start setup.

¡Connect to the network without setting it up|

OK ] [ Cancel ]

Click OK, and then follow the procedure beginning with step 3 .

3. Enter the eight-digit PIN (sometimes identified as "WPS PIN") on the router's label, and then click Next.

4. Enter a name for your wireless network . This name, also known as the SSID (for service set identifier), can contain only letters, numbers, and underscores . Windows suggests using the name of your computer with "_Network" appended; because it's the name by which all devices on a WLAN identify the network, you might want to come up with something more meaningful.

Click this arrow to display advanced settings ■

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