Choosing a Screen Saver

Screen savers don't save screens . (In long-gone days when screens were invariably CRTs and many offices displayed the same application at all hours of the working day, having an image move about during idle times probably did extend the service life of some displays .) And they certainly don't save energy. But they're fun to watch . To see the current offerings, right-click the desktop, choose Personalize from the shortcut menu, and then click Screen Saver


If you use a multimonitor setup, some of the screen savers supplied with Windows (specifically, 3D Text and Photos), unfortunately, "save" only the primary screen. The others go blank when the screen saver goes into action.

The Screen Saver Settings dialog box (shown below) includes a handy On Resume, Display Logon Screen check box. If you work in an environment where privacy is not a big concern, you can save yourself some hassle by clearing this check box. (Password entry might also be required when your computer wakes from sleep; for details, see "Customizing a Power Plan" on page 150 .)

Screen saver


▼ 1 1 Settings... J 1 Preview

Wait: 1 f minutes

1 1 On resume, display logon screen |

Power management

Conserve energy or maximize performance by adjusting display brightness and other power settings.

Change power settings

OK | Cancel Apply

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