Changing Screen Resolutions and Display Settings

When you connect to a remote computer using Remote Desktop Connection, the remote computer takes over your entire screen . It uses the resolution of the client computer, regardless of the resolution set on the remote computer. Along the top of the screen, in the center, a small title bar appears . This title bar lets you switch between your own desktop and the remote desktop. The Minimize, Maximize, and Restore buttons work as they do in other programs

The Pushpin button locks the title bar in place . If you click the pushpin, the title bar disappears completely, retracting into the top of the screen . To make the title bar reappear, "bump" the mouse pointer to the top edge of the screen. To keep the title bar visible at all times, click the pushpin again . The Close button disconnects the remote computer (but does not log you off the remote computer) and closes Remote Desktop Connection . You can pick up where you left off by reopening Remote Desktop Connection and reconnecting or by logging on locally at the remote computer.

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