Changing a Zones Security Settings

Any site placed in a security zone is subject to the same privileges and restrictions as all other sites in that zone. Thus, if you change the overall security settings associated with the zone, you change the security settings for all of its member sites . You can change the security settings for a zone to one of the predefined groups by following these steps:

1. On the Security tab of the Internet Options dialog box (shown earlier in Figure 6-16), click the icon for the zone you want to adjust.


If you've previously made any customizations to security settings for a particular zone, those settings will be wiped out as soon as you click Default Level . If you've made specific changes to allow a program or site to work correctly, be sure you document those settings so that you can reapply them after changing other security settings .

2. In the Security Level For This Zone section of the dialog box, click the Default Level button to reveal a slider control (if the slider isn't already visible).

3. Move the slider up to apply more stringent security measures or down to be more lenient. As you move the slider from level to level, the description to the right of the slider summarizes the current level's settings.

To fine-tune the settings for a zone or to read all the particulars about the current level of settings, click Custom Level. In the Security Settings dialog box that appears, you can use the option buttons to adjust individual settings .

If you've customized a security zone's settings and you want to start over from a clean slate, open the Security Settings dialog box, choose a predefined level from the Reset To dropdown list, and then click Reset

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