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If you want music CDs and DVDs to begin playing in Media Center as soon as you insert them into a drive, you need to adjust AutoPlay settings . In the absence of custom settings, Media Center expects you to manually cue up and play these forms of media.

When you insert a music CD into the drive of a PC running Windows Media Center, the new CD appears in the top left slot in the Music library. When you select the CD, you see information about the CD and a menu gives you the option to play the CD or rip its tracks using the format and bit rate currently set on the Rip Music tab in the Windows Media Player Options dialog box

For more details on how to adjust settings for CDs you copy to your PC, see "Ripping CDs" on page 426.

To play a DVD in Media Center, choose Movies from the Start page and then choose Play DVD. Use the More Info button to display a shortcut menu with additional options, including a Zoom menu that adjusts letter-boxed pictures so that they display to best advantage with your screen dimensions and a Title Menu option that jumps to the DVD's menu.

If you've already set up a portable music player for synchronization with Windows Media Player, you can perform the same tasks from the Media Center interface. You'll find the Sync option on the Start page, in the Tasks menu. Prepare to be a little disappointed by the options available here, however. Unlike the rich interface in Windows Media Player, your only option in Media Center is to sync with one or more playlists .

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