Calibrating Your Displays Colors

To get the most accurate rendition of images and colors on your screen, you should calibrate it You've probably noticed, but perhaps not fiddled with, the buttons on your monitor that control various display settings A new tool included with Windows 7, Display Color Calibration, helps you to calibrate your screen using your monitor's display controls as well as various Windows settings. With Display Color Calibration, you set gamma, brightness, contrast, color balance, and other settings, all of which are explained in the on-screen descriptions

To run Display Color Calibration, in the Start menu search box, type display and then click Calibrate Display Color. (Even easier, type dccw, the name of the executable file for Display Color Calibration, and press Enter.) Calibrate Color is also an option in the Display control panel. No matter how you start it, Display Color Calibration opens a full-screen application that leads you through the steps of adjusting your display by making settings and adjusting monitor controls until the images displayed at each step look their best.

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