Browsing Privately

Figure 6-20 Internet Explorer changes the address bar and title bar to let you know that a browsing session is private.

Figure 6-20 Internet Explorer changes the address bar and title bar to let you know that a browsing session is private.

While you browse privately, neither your browsing history nor any data that you enter in web forms is recorded . Be aware, though, that browsing privately is not browsing anonymously. Sites you visit can record your IP address . (Third-party anonymous browsing tools are available )

Here are other points to note about InPrivate Browsing:

• During a private session, session cookies are retained in memory but deleted at close.

• During a private session, temporary internet files are stored on disk; they're deleted when you close the session .

• InPrivate Browsing disables toolbars and extensions by default; if you want them enabled, choose Tools, Toolbars, and then clear the Disable Toolbars And Extensions When InPrivate Browsing Starts check box.


Adding Windows Live Programs and Services

Using Windows Live Programs.

239 Using Windows Live Web Services

iNDows Live is a suite of free downloadable programs and a set of web services, any or all parts of which can serve as valuable extensions of Windows 7 . The pro grams, for the most part, are updated, enhanced versions of applications that at one time were included in the box with the operating system . Windows Live Mail, for example, has replaced the Windows Mail program that was part of Windows Vista; Windows Live Messenger is a descendant of Windows Messenger, which was once a standard feature of Windows . The web services offer, among other attractions, photo sharing, calendar sharing, and 25 GB of free storage space that you can use as a hard drive "in the sky."

Microsoft calls its suite of downloadable programs Windows Live Essentials, suggesting that it regards the suite as a vital part of the operating system, even though the programs are no longer bundled. In this chapter, we'll describe what we regard as the most essential of the Essentials . We'll also look at several of the more important Windows Live web services. The content in this chapter is based on the Windows Live version that was available shortly after Windows 7 was released to manufacturing. Because these programs are designed to be upgraded regularly, it is possible, indeed likely, that the versions you encounter will differ, perhaps significantly, from those we describe here.

To download any or all of the Windows Live Essentials suite, visit After you click the Download button, the Windows Live Installer will display the dialog box shown in Figure 7-1 and ask you to specify which programs you want to install; before downloading, you can select each in turn and read a description on the right side of the dialog box

What's in Your Edition?

Everything in this chapter applies to all editions of Windows 7 .

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