Avoiding Software Compatibility Problems

When upgrading, be especially vigilant with utility software that works at the system level. If you use a system utility that was originally written for a previous Windows version, it's prudent to assume that it will require an upgrade to work properly with Windows 7 . Most applications that are certified to be compatible with Windows Vista are also compatible with Windows 7, but that is not universally true . For essential programs, it's important that you verify compatibility first

Which classes of software are most likely to cause problems with an upgrade or a clean installation of Windows 7? Here is a list of likely culprits:

• Antivirus and antispyware software

• Software firewalls and other security programs

• Programs whose feature set includes the capability to burn CDs and DVDs

• Disk-partitioning utilities and other low-level system maintenance programs

As a precaution when upgrading, you should consider disabling or uninstalling antivirus software and other system utilities that might interfere with setup After setup is complete, reinstall or re-enable the programs and then test to ensure that they're working properly

If the Upgrade Advisor identifies any programs as incompatible with Windows 7, we strongly recommend that you uninstall those programs before continuing with the upgrade

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