Windows 7 Editions at a Glance


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Windows 7 Editions at a Glance

Features Available in All Windows 7 Editions 948

Windows 7 Starter and Home Basic 950

Windows 7 Home Premium 950

Windows 7 Professional 952

Windows 7 Ultimate/Enterprise 953

WiTH Windows 7, Microsoft has sliced and diced operating system features into five distinct editions intended to meet different user needs and price points . In this appendix, we list the features you can expect to find in each edition . We start with a lengthy list of features that are common to all editions . Then we look at features that are added as you upgrade to the next higher edition in the Windows 7 family.

You can use this information to make intelligent purchase decisions when shopping for a new home or office PC . You can also use the data in these tables to help decide whether it makes economic and technological sense to purchase a Windows Anytime Upgrade package to move up to a more feature-rich edition .

We start with a brief discussion of hardware configurations . Table A-1 lists technical limits related to CPU and memory support that might affect your purchase or upgrade decision .

Table A-1 Supported Hardware Configurations in Windows 7

Hardware Component

Supported Configurations

Number of CPUs/cores

64-bit CPU support

Starter, Home Basic: One physical processor, unlimited cores Home Premium and higher editions: One or two physical processors, unlimited cores

64-bit versions available for all editions except Starter

Addressable memory (RAM), 32-bit editions

All editions: 4 GB maximum (because of 32-bit memory architecture, usable memory is typically 3.5 GB or less)

Addressable memory (RAM), 64-bit editions

Starter, Home Basic: 8 GB maximum

Home Premium: 16 GB maximum

Professional and higher editions: 192 GB maximum

Table A-2 lists features that are common to all editions of Windows 7 .

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