Adding People to Your Network

Whether or not you intend to use Windows Live as a general-purpose social networking site, you are likely to want to share pictures, documents, and perhaps a calendar or a set of favorites with selected friends and colleagues . The easiest way to set up sharing parameters is to add those friends and colleagues to your network. To do that, click People on the Windows Live menu. Windows Live responds by displaying the list of contacts that it shares with Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Mail. You can add, delete, and edit contacts using the menu at the top of the contacts list. To add people to your network, click Add People in the left pane (or click the same link on the right side of the Windows Live home page). The Add People page that appears includes the option to add contacts from Face-book and other popular networking sites, add contacts by specifying e-mail addresses, and select people who are already in your contact list, as shown next.


Those whom you choose to add will receive invitations via e-mail and must accept before they become members of your network.

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