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Internet Explorer makes it easy to add the currently displayed webpage (or an entire group of tabs) to your Favorites Any of the following methods will work:

• Click Add To Favorites, at the top of the Favorites Center

• Pin the Favorites Center open; then drag the icon to the left of the URL in the address ba r and drop it into the Favorites bar. If you want the item to go inside an existing sub-

folder that isn't open, pause your mouse pointer over the folder icon . After a pause, the folder will open, and you can position the item appropriately within the subfolder.

• Right-click anywhere within the current page (but not on a link) and choose Add To Favorites from the shortcut menu.

All of these methods, except the drag-and-drop procedure, produce the Add A Favorite dialog box, shown in Figure 6-6.

Add a Favorite | ES \


Add a Favorite

.Add this webpage as a favorite. To access your favorites, visit the Favorites Center.


Microsoft Development, MSDN Subscriptions, Resources, and More

Create in:

Favorites 5 ] [ New Folder ]

Add ] [ Cancel H]

Figure 6-6 Internet Explorer proposes to use the page title as the name for the favorite.

The contents of the Name box are drawn from the page title, as defined by the page designer. You can (and usually should) edit this name to make it as descriptive as possible .

The Create In drop-down box allows you to save the new favorite within the top level of the Favorites folder, choose an existing subfolder, or create a new subfolder. It's efficient to use subfolders to organize favorites (with each folder representing a category of your choosing). If you prefer to clean up after the fact, use the Organize Favorites command to put items into subfolders.

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