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• Immediately above the gallery is a single row of options that you can select to display a different set of data or to sort the current set (among Media Center aficionados, each such view is called a pivot). In the Music library, for example, you can scroll through all songs or playlists, or you can choose categories such as genres or years, which filter the library to show only albums tagged with the item you choose . In the Picture library, you can filter by tag, date taken, and ratings, or browse by folder.

• In the upper left corner of the Music and Picture libraries you'll find commands: Play All and Search in the Music library, and Play Slide Show in the Picture library.

• Information about the selected item appears below the gallery. In thumbnail views like the album view shown in Figure 14-4, the selected item appears larger than its neighbors. In the lower right corner is a count of the current view, which reveals that the selected album is number 284 in an alphabetically sorted list of 1604 albums .

In any view in any library, you can jump through the list by entering characters from the keyboard or the remote keypad; Media Center immediately takes you to the first entry in the list that matches the characters you enter. In Artists view, for example, if you press the 7 key three times in succession, you get the letter R. Press the 6 key three times to show the letter O, and then press 5 three times quickly to get the letter L . If you have any albums by The Rolling Stones in your collection, you'll go straight to their entry in the list.

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