Note that you can only add videos and recorded TV to DVD movies from Media Center in this fashion. If you want to add a photo slide show, you need to use Windows DVD Maker, which is covered in Chapter 13. Photos can be added only to data DVDs from within Media Center.

Some recorded TV shows cannot be burned to DVD. For example, shows on pay stations like HBO and Cinemax are referred to as protected content in Media Secret Center. That means Microsoft is respecting the so-called broadcast flag tech-

Vnologies these channels are using to protect the content. The result is that HBO (which owns Cinemax too) and other channels have made the decision that they don't want users copying their content. This means that you can't copy a Media Center-recorded version of an HBO show to a portable device, or another PC as well, incidentally. It just won't work.

If you select too much content, Media Center will warn you that the TV shows (or videos) must be burned at a lower-quality level in order to fit everything on the disc. You can choose to remove a TV show or video or accept the lower quality.

7. When you do finally set about actually burning the DVD, be prepared for a wait. DVD burning takes a long time, especially for video content. A. Really. Long. Time.

You can do other things in Media Center when a DVD is burning, but the burning process will take even longer in such a case. You've been warned.

When the DVD is completed, it should work just fine in any DVD player, including the set-top box you probably use on your TV, portable DVD players, in-car DVD players, and laptops.

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