Figure 4-4: Even Windows 7 Basic is capable of displaying Live Icons, which contain previews of the underlying documents and files.

Even if you are running Windows Aero, you may still run into the occasional issue that causes the display to flash and suddenly revert back to Windows 7 Basic. For Secret example, some older applications aren't compatible with Windows Aero; when

Vyou run such an application, the user experience will revert to Windows 7 Basic. When you close the offending application, Aero returns. In other cases, certain applications that use custom window rendering actually display in a Windows 7 Basic style, even though all of the other windows in the system are utilizing Aero. These are the issues you have to deal with when Microsoft makes such a dramatic change to the Windows rendering engine, apparently. The good news is that these glitches are significantly less common with Windows 7 than they were with Windows Vista. Most modern Windows applications work just fine with Aero.

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