Tying It All Together Windows Live ID


When you create a new Windows Live ID using Microsoft's domains, the company will also set up a free Windows Live Hotmail e-mail account for you (see the next section for details). This isn't the case when you use an existing e-mail address, where you're expected to use your existing service's e-mail facilities instead.

Creating a Windows Live ID involves stepping through a basic questionnaire like the one shown in Figure 23-4. You need to find a unique e-mail address if you're going with the Full Meal Deal, enter some information about yourself, and the like.

Because Windows Live Hotmail is one of the more popular services we'll be discussing in this chapter, we will assume you endured the lengthier process of creating a Windows Live ID using one of Microsoft's domains; but the process for adding a Windows Live ID to an existing e-mail account is similar, and simpler. During sign-up, you'll be asked to choose an e-mail address and password, and enter some basic account information.

Once the account is created, you are directed to Windows Live Account Services, where you will see that you are signed in to your new account. At that point you can access any of the Live services described in this chapter: when prompted to log on, do so with your newly created Windows Live ID.

Figure 23-4: The Windows Live ID sign-up process is pretty much standard fare.

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