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While I'm sure Microsoft would prefer otherwise, you don't have to use IE's default search engine. If you're a Google fan, for example, you can use Google instead, or any other search engine you prefer. To select Google as the default search provider, click the Search Options button (the small arrow to the right of Search) and select Google if it's available. Now, all of your searches—including autosearch from the Internet Explorer address bar— will use Google instead of MSN Search.

If Google isn't in the list, open the Search Options menu and select Find More Providers. Internet Explorer will navigate to Microsoft's Search Providers Web site (www.ieaddons. com/en/searchproviders), where you can pick from a list of search engines, as shown in Figure 20-24.

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/} Search Piuvideri - Add-urii Gallery

Internet Explorers

Add-ons Gallery: Search Providers

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New York Times Instant Search

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Get instant answers from the New Yorfc Times (Search Piovidei) UUttH^ based on 3 ratings

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Wikipedia Visual Search —

Get visual search suqqestions from Wikipedia (Searth Piuvider)

based on 23 ratings

Add to Internet Explorer

Amazon Search Suggestions eBay Visual Search

Ama7nn Search Suggestions (Search Provider)

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Add tn Internet Fxplnrer

Visual Seamen

Visual Seamen

Ama7nn Search Suggestions (Search Provider)

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Visual Search

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