Some corporate networks block the firewall ports required for this feature to work so dont be surprised if you cannot in fact access your home media from a workbased PC

Here's how you make it work.

As before, click the Stream toolbar button. This time, choose All Internet access to home media from the pop-up menu that appears. You'll be confronted with the Internet Home Media Access window shown in Figure 11-50.

Click the link titled Link an online ID. This will display the Link Online IDs control panel. Because this is the first time you've encountered this window, you need to add an online ID provider. As of this writing, the only online provider is Windows Live, so you'll need a Windows Live ID first (see Chapter 23 if you're not familiar with this). Potentially, other online ID providers will come on board over time, so if you maintain an online persona at another service that's supported here, you could use that instead.

Click the link titled Add an online ID provider. This launches an Internet Explorer window that navigates to Microsoft's online list of Windows 7 online ID providers. Click Windows Live. You will be prompted to download the Windows Live ID Sign-In Assistant. Do so and install it; the Windows Live ID Sign-In Assistant setup is straightforward.

Internet Home Media Access

Do you want to allow Internet access to home media?

Internet access to home medio lets you stream music, pictures, and videos from a home rnmputprtna rnmputpr outside your hnmp. Kthis rnmputpr ic at home, itranipnd media over the Internet, If this computer is away from home it can receive media from a I tunic tumpuler.

Please note that corporate networks often block home media streaming.

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Link, an online ID

An online ID is required for secure Inte/net access to home media. I(V Allow Internet access to home media

Do not allow Internet access to home media

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