Performance Tool

What It Does

Open Resource Monitor

Open Task Manager

View advanced system details in System Information

Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows

Open Disk Defragmenter

Generate a system health report

Enables you to view information about hardware (for example, CPU, memory, and so on) and software (for example, handles) resources in real time.

Infamous tool that enables you to display (and, more important, kill) running programs, processes, and services. It also provides network status and basic performance information.

Enables you to view details about your computer's hardware configuration, computer components, and software, including drivers. Very handy and can even be run via the Command Prompt.

Enables you to tweak visual effects, processor and memory usage, and virtual memory settings. We'll be using this tool in the next section.

Rearranges bits of files and folders on your disk (defragments) for faster, more efficient hard disk access. With solid-state drives on the rise, the usefulness of this tool is declining.

Analyzes your system from top to bottom and provides a very thorough report on various performance warnings and problems detected. If you suspect performance issues, run this tool first.

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