Other Internet Explorer Security Features

The list of Internet Explorer security features is vast, although you won't likely run into most of them unless you're truly unlucky. IE8 integrates with Windows Defender to provide live scanning of Web downloads to ensure that you're not infecting your system with spyware, and it integrates with Windows 7's parental controls as well as Windows Live Family Safety (both described in Chapter 8) to ensure that your children are accessing only those parts of the Web you deem safe. In addition, various low-level changes prevent increasingly common cross-domain or cross-window scripting attacks and blocks malicious malware installation attempts.

Should Internet Explorer 8 somehow be compromised, there's a way out. An Internet Explorer mode called Add-ons Disabled Mode loads IE with only a minimal set of add-ons so you can scrub the system of any malicious code. You can access this mode by navigating to All Programs O Accessories O System Tools O Internet Explorer (No Add-ons) in the Start menu. Alternately, you can use Start Menu Search to find Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).

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