If you do log on to your Windows Live ID account and enable highquality photos you are limited to sending photos via Photo Mail per month and to uploading MB of photos to your Windows Live Photos account

On the right side of this Photos pane is some information about the estimated upload time (which can be substantial for big Photo Mail messages) and the total size of the upload.

But wait, there's more. In addition to the photo formatting tools visible in the Photos pane, several other capabilities are present:

♦ Drag and drop photo layout: You can actually drag photos around inside the e-mail body, as shown in Figure 21-19, to visually reorder them.

Figure 21-19: Use your desktop skills to move photos around in Photo Mail.

♦ Replace individual photos: If you would like to replace an individual photo from the layout, just double-click it. The Add Photos window will appear, where you can choose another.

♦ Add captions: To add captions below a photo, just select a photo and then click in the area titled Click here to add text.

♦ Choose different layouts: The default gridlike layout you're presented with is only one of nine prebuilt layout types. Click the Layout button, shown in Figure 21-20, to view all the potential styles, and experiment.

Figure 21-20: A variety of layout types are also available.

♦ Use stationery and emoticons: While we're not positive that graphical emoticons are necessarily the way to go, adding some decent stationery via the Stationery button isn't a bad idea. Each stationery type is a template with a custom background image, unique text fonts and styles, and custom margins. A typical stationery, applied to a Photo Mail message, is shown in Figure 21-21.

You get the idea: Photo Mail is meant to be colorful and fun. Express yourself.

Figure 21-21: Finally, go nuts with some HTML effects.

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