Going Online and Learning about Windows Live

The shortcut titled Go online to get Windows Live Essentials in Getting Started opens Internet Explorer and brings you to the Essentials page in the Windows Live Web site (download.live.com), shown in Figure 23-2.

Figure 23-2: The only obvious link to Windows Live in Windows 7 connects you to the Essentials Web site.

But this page is specific to the application suite that you install in Windows 7. If you want to find out more about Microsoft's top-level Windows Live services, including Windows Live Hotmail (Web-based e-mail), Windows Live SkyDrive (Web-based storage), Windows Live People (contacts management), Windows Live Messenger (instant messaging), Windows Live Photos (online photo sharing), and Microsoft's various PC- and smartphone-based downloads, you should visit the main Windows Live Web site at home .live.com. As shown in Figure 23-3, this site also provides a way to sign up for a Windows Live ID, which is a central identity management service that enables you to manage your online persona. We discuss Windows Live ID in just a moment.

Figure 23-3: Microsoft offers information about its other Windows Live products and services via the main Windows Live site.

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