Figure Success You can now share your media library over the Internet

You will need to repeat these steps on a second PC, of course.

In use, Internet media sharing works just like sharing over your home network, with the following caveats:

♦ It's slower. As you might expect from such a transfer, changing content is accompanied by a bit of a lag, and you will experience much better results with music than with video.

♦ You will see only the shared libraries from PCs for which you have configured Internet sharing. That means that you will typically only see a single library in the Other Libraries section of the Windows Media Player Navigation pane, as shown in Figure 11-53.

IQI Wirdum Media Player

Organize stream treat

@f) Library

J JZ Music .ft AitisL 0 Album ^ Genre a vijcui ill Pictures wi Recorded TV

f Other Libraries iv Paul's computer {quad-64)

IQI Wirdum Media Player

Organize stream treat

Figure 11-53: Shared libraries appear at the bottom of the Navigation pane.

Internet sharing of digital media content is not available in Windows 7 Home Basic or Starter editions.

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